The Awakened Warrior

Living With Courage, Compassion & Discipline

Rick Fields, editor

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From Archetype to Action. Warriors throughout history, from Japanese Samurai to Martin Luther King, Jr., have cultivated courage, compassion, discipline, intelligence, loyalty, and self-knowledge. These noble traits are part of the warrior spirit, an archetypal pattern that can be found in those who face challenges of our time head-on.

Today the warrior spirit is alive among fierce ecologists, vocal feminists, relentless educators, conflict negotiators, martial arts practitioners, global political activists, minority organizers, innovators in the arts, people fighting terminal disease, and anyone committed to action in the face of adversity.

The Awakened Warrior covers enlightened approaches to struggle in all walks of life, from loving, working, and illness to the arenas of political activism and spiritual combat with our inner enemies. The rich diversity fo this timely collection will serve to illuminate and encourage the warrior's spirit in us all.

Rick Fields is editor in chief of Yoga Journal, author of The Code of the Warrior and How Swans Came to the Lake: A Narrative History of Buddhism in America, and coauthor of Chop Wood, Carry Water and The Turquoise Bee.

Order now: The Awakened Warrior - Living With Courage ...

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