I Am Right - You Are Wrong

From Rock Logic to Water Logic

Edward de Bono

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In this trailblazing book, Edward de Bono - the leading authority on the physiology of creativity - shows why the most crucial problems facing the world in the twenty-first century cannot be solved using traditional Western thought.

Drug addiction, poverty, global debt, and ecological catastrophe will always be with us, de Bono avows, unless we change our old system of thought. This system - with its absolutes and rigid insistence on facts (" I am right and you are wrong") - de Bono calls "rock logic". Rock Logic is fine for technology and good for winning arguments, but it lacks creative and constructive energy. In its place, de Bono calls for the "water logic" of perception, which enables us to see what is actually there, even when it doesn't jibe with our expectations.

Drawing on his extensive medical background, de Bono shows why "water logic" is the natural activity of the brain's networks. And he makes a persuasive argument for a New Renaissance in human thought that encourages originality and creativity. I Am Right - You Are Wrong is certain to be one of the most influential books of this or any other year. Genuinly revolutionary - a synthesis of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy - it is bound to change the way we think.

Edward de Bono holds degrees in medicine and psychology. He has taught at Oxford, Cambridge, London, and Harvard Universities and served as a consultant on creative thinking processes to IBM, Shell, and Prudential, among other corporation. His books include Teaching Thinking, Happiness Purpose, and Future Positive.

Order now: I Am Right - You Are Wrong

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