Understanding Masculine Psychology

Robert A. Johnson

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What does it really mean to be a man? What are some of the landmarks along the road to mature masculinity? And what of the feminine components of the man's personality?

"Women do not really know as much about men as they think they do. They have developed, over the centuries, considerable expertise in the technique of adapting to men, but that is not the same as truly understanding them. Women often labour under the delusion that life is really pretty easy for men, at least when compared to their own lot, and have no idea what a complicated struggle is really involved in the transition from male childhood to real manhood.
I recommend this book highly. It is entertaining, informative, thought-provoking, mysterious, poetic. Men who read it will surely learn much about themselves, and women - particularly those who are unfortunately misled into thinking of men as 'the enemy' - will find it a real eye-opener."

-- Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse, M.D., Th.M.
Assistant in Psychiatry, Harvard University

Robert A. Johnson's book ist based on the legend of Parsifal and his search for the Grail, using Jungian psychological concepts.

Order now: HE - Understanding Masculine Psychology

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